Meet other people in the gay community, get support, or find your true love.

Join the global community where gay men can anonymously video chat with other men. Freely and safely express yourself without fear of judgement. No videos are stored by banana, so your videos will disappear after you hang up. However, there is a peer to peer flagging system for those who abuse the terms of services. We want to keep a healthy environment so that all users have the best time possible. We rely heavily on our community of loyal users to maintain the integrity of banana. Experience banana together, where you can randomly chat with other gay strangers. Laugh, have a good time, and perhaps make a new friend.

Have meaningful conversations and find a new friend, or even a new lover. The sky is the limit with banana.


Find other likeminded people from your area and around the world. There are no boundaries.

Find support

Chat face to face with other people who share common values. Express yourself freely without judgement.

Make Friends

Socialize and have fun! Meet strangers who you would never have encountered otherwise.

Meet strangers face to face from anywhere

Find all the people you want to connect with at the touch of a button. Skip the stats and background and go back to the basics of human interaction.

Become more comfortable about who you are and help others feel the same way. You aren't alone, so explore!

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